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How to Avoid the Holiday Credit Hangover

The frenzy of the holidays can reach fever pitch in the last few days of the year. Whether it’s the crush of confused travelers in an airport security line or some surprise last-minute shopping at – gasp – the mall, holiday time can make anyone’s blood pressure spike. However, there usually comes a moment where […]

Audio: Fighting Holiday Identity Theft

Fighting fraudsters is probably one of the furthest things from your mind while decking holiday halls (along with exact metric conversions and political primaries), but don’t let good practices you’ve kept up all year long go off the rails now. The holidays are a busy time for opportunistic schemers, who know your calendar is full. […]

EMV: The Payment Card Transition and You

“Can you swipe again?” “Try again, please.” “Try one more time?” Soon these phrases will join outdated fellow outdated prompts to continue your call by depositing another quarter or asking a gas station attendant to fill up your tank. This year, October means we’re in the middle of a changeover for credit and debit cards […]

Audio: What Should You Know About Chip-and-PIN?

You may have heard about big changes for payments cards coming later this year. Newly-issued cards will bear a visible microchip, which is an additional security measure that will correlate with new payment terminals at merchant locations, offering greater protection from fraudsters capturing magnetic stripe information from current cards. It all sounds good, but some […]

Just Charge It: Why I No Longer Max Out My Credit Cards

Financial blogger Deacon Hayes shares how he reversed a spending mindset to conquer debt and boost credit confidence. When I was 18 years old, I decided to apply for a credit card so I could start building my credit. It’s a common story. I was surprised at how fast I got my first approval – it […]

Using credit cards to establish your credit history

Dear Experian,

I have been approved for two credit cards with two different limits and interest rates. One offers cash back rewards. I am trying to build my credit. Should I just use the card with the better terms, or should I use both?


Video: When Should I Ask For a Higher Credit Limit?

Asking for an increase in your credit limit can feel like playing the lottery. But the answer is a simple one. You’ll want to ask for the increase at the moment that it seems most likely the answer will come back in your favor. When might that be? That will depend a bit more on […]

Video: Does It Hurt My Credit Score to Cancel a Credit Card?

Conventional wisdom might suggest that closing a credit card could help your credit scores, especially if your plan is to trim your spending. But consider both sides of that decision carefully before taking action: discover how closing a certain kind of credit card account might have the opposite effect on your credit from the one […]

Inquiry will appear on report whether application is approved or declined

Dear Experian,

Should the hard inquiry I have on my credit report from applying for credit be removed if I ended up getting approved and establishing credit with the credit card company?


Bankruptcy may prevent qualifying for a credit card

Dear Experian,

How can I get a credit card after a bankruptcy so I can rebuild my credit?


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