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Paying credit card debt with an installment loan

Dear Experian, Do I save money if I pay my credit cards off with a loan that has a lower APR with a fixed installment payment, or is it better to continue to pay the highest APR credit card until it is paid? - MYR

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How long before paid credit cards are updated

Dear Experian, I just paid off a lot of my credit card debt. When will I see it take effect on my credit report? - DUK

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Which credit card to start paying first

Dear Experian, Which credit card bill should I pay first? I had a credit card closed by the company because the bank is going bankrupt. On my credit report they list that the account was closed by the consumer, that I have $0 credit available with a balance of $2,568 and an APR of 35.5%. I also have an open credit card with a credit limit of $3,500 and only $80 available (it's maxed out). The APR is 10.99%. - TAS

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