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Eviction will remain on your report after paying collection or judgment

Dear Experian, I have an eviction on my credit that I'm about to pay. What will it say on my credit report? When I go get another apartment will that appear? - AYV

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Collecting debts after they are deleted from the credit report

Dear Experian, After seven years, if a payment has not been made on a student loan can the creditor or collection agent still try to collect payment on the loan? - QUA

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Medical collection accounts are treated like any other collection account

Dear Experian, My credit report is clean except for past due medical bills. I would like to know if having medical bills past due is going to prevent me from having a good credit score and good credit. I have always been told not to worry about paying any medical issues on my credit report. Is that true? - YGR

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Paid collection accounts not removed from credit report immediately

Dear Experian, If I pay the bills that were sent to collection will they come off? How do you get them off? I’m trying to get a home in the next few months and my credit score is low. - AMH

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Unpaid hospital bills can affect your credit

Dear Experian, Do unpaid, uninsured hospital bills affect your credit? - SSI

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Paying collection accounts in full can help, but might not improve credit scores

Dear Experian, In the long run, will my credit be more positively affected if I pay off collection agency debt in full as opposed to accepting and paying a settlement amount? - ATO

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