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Why an original account and collection account both appear on your credit report for the same debt

Dear Experian, How can an item be on your credit twice, once under the original credit grantor and then under a collection agency? How does this affect the deletion date? - NTK

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Make medical payments to the collection company not to the hospital

Dear Experian, I have been making monthly payments for a hospital bill. The hospital has stopped all correspondence and continues to cash my checks. They have also reported on my credit report with no reduction in debt updated. The report states collection even though they are accepting payment. - DLR

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Collection accounts may be for more than original debt

When an account has been purchased by another lender, or transferred to another lender, and the new lender starts collections on the account, can the “Credit limit/Original amount” that is been recovered be higher than the amount shown on the credit report? This amount has not changed from the original lender to the new one. - CTR

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Debts older than seven years should not return to your credit report

Dear Experian, Can a creditor remove a debt after seven years and then sell the debt and place it back on your credit report? - KSE

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