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Collection agencies may try to collect a debt after it is deleted from your credit report

Dear Experian,

How long can a collection agency attempt to collect a debt? Is there a time limit or statute?


Collecting debts after they are deleted from the credit report

Dear Experian,

After seven years, if a payment has not been made on a student loan can the creditor or collection agent still try to collect payment on the loan?


Collection agencies can try to collect debt after it is deleted from your credit report

Dear Experian,

How many years back can a collection agency go to collect a debt? I have one from 1999 that my ex-wife and I have that was not paid. I am getting letters and calls from them, and they are telling me that they can still take my wages thru a garnishment. My wife was to pay this when we divorced. I make more money than her so they said they are going after me. Can they do this?


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