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Getting your credit scores before buying a car

Dear Experian, I'm buying a car and would like to know my credit score. How can I obtain this before shopping? - NTS

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Car returned under Service Member Relief Act is a voluntary repossession

Dear Experian, I am in the military and currently serving in Afghanistan. Prior to my departure I turned in my car lease under the Service Member Relief Act. When I check my credit report, it shows up as voluntary repossession, and then right after that it says “Due to military service.” Does this have a negative impact on my credit? - JSP

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Voluntary repossession would have seriously damaged credit scores

Dear Experian, I am trying to trade-in my car; however, I am upside down on my current car loan. If I trade it, my payments will be really high. The salesperson is trying to convince me to do a voluntary repossession on my current vehicle. She said that it would not be a big hit on my credit and my new car payment will then be lower. I told her that was something that I really had to think about and research. I don't know much about what she was talking about, and I did not want to make an impulse decision. - NTN

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