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Video: Customer Care Stories – Elizabeth

Elizabeth from Customer Care shares how her passion for helping others takes her customer service to the next level. There’s a perfect job out there for everyone. For Elizabeth, she knew she needed to be somewhere she could make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Video: Customer Care Stories – Jessica

Jessica from our Customer Care team shares how, when it comes to learning about their credit, callers understand that having someone on their side at Experian makes a difference. When you need real answers to your credit questions, sometimes only talking it through with a real person will do.

Graduates and Credit: Survey Results

Grads! Need to brush up on your credit skills fast? Download our PDF Guide to post-college credit to see where you can learn more to fill in knowledge gaps starting today. It’s nearly time to toss mortarboards high in celebration of graduates. For these students, college was a time that they started using credit. But […]

Video: Customer Care Stories – Moncie

Meet Moncie from our Customer Care team, and learn why helping others is her favorite part of her role with Experian. Our Customer Care agents know firsthand how surprised many callers are to actually connect with a person when they call.

Newlyweds and Credit: Survey Results

Yikes! According to recent survey results from Experian, the honeymoon may be over for some newlyweds who didn’t do much digging or discussion into their would-be shared financial picture before promenading down the aisle to a familiar march. You might think it’s more commonplace to discuss finances before saying “I do”, but according to those […]

Audio: Experian Etc. with Deacon Hayes

Mounting debt is a scary idea – and a dangerous one if you’re not keeping close tabs on it. If debt is a real ‘four-letter’ word for you, it might be time to face your fears and master your debt with a plan. Listen in to learn how Deacon Hayes did just that. Learn from […]

Audio: Experian Etc. with Brad Lawler

Using the power of mobile to put something so many people find daunting – investing – into your pocket is something special. People often think of investing as something that they have to carve out time for. But that approach can all change when you can take your portfolio options on the go in an […]

Audio: Experian Etc. with Reeta Wolfsohn

What is it that drives our relationship with money? And how much can that dictate our approach to not just spending or saving, but caring whether we manage our money well or not? Author Reeta Wolfsohn has been investigating for years, and what she’s uncovered might just surprise you. Discover the why behind how we […]

Audio: Experian Etc. with Barbara Friedberg

It’s no secret that some people are skittish about investing. But as personal finance expert and university professor Barbara Friedberg explains, leaving investing out of your overall financial picture is literally leaving money on the table – money that can help make the difference in your golden years, especially. Discover why starting out with investing […]

Audio: Experian Etc. with Amanda Abella

Managing your finances isn’t something you’re born knowing about – and setting a budget for yourself is no exception. When your dreams suddenly start to include starting up that home business idea you’ve kept on the back burner, your budget might change dramatically. And that’s okay, too. How can you keep your budget in step […]