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College and Credit – Infographic: Will You Cosign My Loan?

When you ask someone to cosign a loan with you, are you aware of how much you’re really asking of them? Conversely, if you’re the one being approached to cosign a loan with another, are you both aware of the full range of contingencies? Whether you’re a student looking for help from a parent, a […]

Establishing Credit as a New Graduate: a First-Timer’s Guide

Financial blogger Ash Cash shares his guide to getting familiar with credit basics. Learning the ground rules today can come in handy down the road. In today’s world, if you want to achieve the American dream, chances are you’ll need good credit. When it comes to life’s “big purchases” (like a home or car) having […]

Building Credit

The Risks and Rewards of Using Credit   Your credit record reflects how well you managed your financial responsibilities over a certain period of time. Obviously, there are rewards for handling your credit well. Having a good credit report can give you the ability to: Improve your lifestyle through purchases that are only possible with […]

Authorized user account not appearing on the credit report

Dear Experian,

I checked my credit report online and saw that it says I have no credit cards. I am an authorized user on a card, and I pay the balance every month. Why doesn’t it appear on my report?


Why it is important to establish credit when you are young

Dear Experian,

Why is it important to establish credit while you’re young? If I don’t establish any credit will it affect my future and why?


Secured credit card can help build credit history and credit scores

Dear Experian,

A bank has a new credit card for those with poor credit. They say you have to put down a $300 deposit, and after that deposit they’ll give you the card. The bank told me it will help me bring up my credit score. Is that true?


Helping child in college establish credit

Dear Experian,

My college freshman daughter applied for a credit card, was declined, and then applied for a secured card and was also declined. How can I help her build credit? She obviously has no history, but I am concerned that the two denials are going to hurt her score. I am at a loss on how she can build her own credit.


Credit cards with low limits still can build strong credit

Dear Experian,

Do small available balance credit cards, such as retail cards or gas cards with say $300 available balance, help or hurt credit scores, even if no balance is owed?


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