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Updating balance information

Dear Experian, On your website, you state that you update credit card payments when my bank does. My credit report from your institution is three months behind. This is affecting my credit scores and causing me to be denied credit. - IWR

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How long it takes for a $0.00 balance to show in your credit report

Dear Experian, How frequently is one's credit record updated? If I paid off an old debt and want my credit report to reflect a $0.00 balance, how long does it take to show up? How can I speed along the process? - SAL

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How long does it take for paid off accounts to show zero balance

Dear Experian, If I pay off all of my credit cards to a zero balance, how long does it take for that payoff to show up in an improved credit score? I want to pay off all of my cards and improve my score for a mortgage application. - ANG

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