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Potential consequences of cosigning an apartment lease

Dear Experian, Is there any affect on your credit report and getting a loan in the future if you are a cosigner for an apartment? - ICL

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Be very cautious about cosigning your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s lease

Dear Experian, I am thinking about cosigning an apartment lease for my girlfriend. I would not live there. I know that if she makes a late payment or doesn't pay that I will be responsible for the lease payments and that it will show on my credit report. But, will the simple fact that I am a cosigner show up on my credit report if I want to apply for a loan or mortgage for myself? Assuming she pays as agreed will cosigning affect my credit score? - LYB

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Broken apartment lease contract can affect your credit report

Dear Experian, I recently asked my landlord to end my lease early. Her response was, "You must pay your lease, and as you contracted. Or, you can suffer severe credit damage." Is this true? Can she make a report to Experian and the other credit bureaus that will post to my credit history? - EPH

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