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Getting a free credit report when your application is declined

Dear Experian,

I was denied credit based on a credit report from Experian. Can I order a free credit report online from Experian if I have already used my free annual credit report within the last 12 months?


Free report for loan declination does not restart clock for FACT Act free report

Dear Experian,

I pulled a credit report because of a declined application. Does that restart the clock for the annual report, or are they separate events?


Prisoners can get a free credit report

Dear Experian,

I am the community outreach director for a credit counseling agency. During a presentation at a federal prison, the inmates had questions about how to obtain their free credit report from They are not always successful. Is there a way for them to be successful in obtaining their credit report?


Getting your free annual report will not hurt your credit scores

Dear Experian,

I received a call today from my credit card company trying to sell me their credit fraud protection program, and she told me that whenever I order my free annual credit reports allowed by law that my credit scores are negatively impacted each time. Is this true? I went online to the Federal Trade Commission website to verify her claim but there was no mention of the impact to the credit score when using this program, only that it is free from each credit agency annually.


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