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Lender may choose not to report a credit account

Dear Experian, I just reviewed my credit report and found that a significant credit purchase was not listed. All my payments were made on time. Can this be reflected in my credit report? - BLR

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Individuals cannot report their own accounts

Dear Experian, How do I submit payment history for an account not listed on my credit report, therefore, adding a new account? - CRT

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Retail credit card may appear under different name in credit report

Dear Experian, I have two credit cards that are affiliated with private companies. Neither of these credit cards shows up on my credit report. Both have large limits with small balances. How can I get them added to my credit report, and thus improve my credit scores? - AMC

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Account not reported by lender

Dear Experian, How do I add an account that is on my other reports but not on Experian? - EAL

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