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An account update by your creditor will not change when it is deleted

Dear Experian, If a negative item is past seven years on my report and the creditor updates it, will it ever come off my report? - JCP

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Updating account to show included in bankruptcy

Dear Experian, I have a company reporting “charge off” on my credit report when it should be a bankruptcy that was done in August 2010. Can you help me understand why it is being reported like this? - EUB

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Why accounts in bankruptcy continue to be part of your credit report

Dear Experian, Why are the accounts that are under a bankruptcy listed individually? Doesn't the bankruptcy cover that? - ELZ

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Accounts in bankruptcy deleted before the bankruptcy public record

Dear Experian, When they say bankruptcy information will be removed from your credit report after seven years, does that mean all of the information related to the bankruptcy will be removed? - NMC

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Accounts not deleted when bankruptcy is discharged

Dear Experian, My bankruptcy was discharged in February, and I was under the assumption that all the accounts would be taken off my credit report. Did I receive the proper information regarding this situation? - RRI

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