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Requests Viewed By You Do Not Affect Credit Scores

Dear Experian,

On my credit report in the section “Requests for your credit history summary,” there is a “Requests viewed only by you” section. One creditor has about 62 requests in the past two years, and I don’t have an account with them. Does this affect my credit score every time they check my credit? Or, is this just for their records to send me offers and does not affect me? I did not apply for a credit card from them ever.


Dear JYG,

“Requests viewed only by you” are inquiries that are shown only to you on your personal credit report. They do not affect lending decisions or credit scores. For that reason they are sometimes called “soft inquiries.” The inquiries are provided so that you have a complete record of who has accessed your credit report.

Soft inquiries may be added for several reasons. The most common is to make a prescreened credit offer, which is what happened in your example. It’s not uncommon to see many inquiries for that purpose, especially if you have a strong credit history and would be evaluated as a preferred new customer.

Your existing creditors may also review your credit report periodically as part of a regular account review. Requesting your own report and reports obtained for employment or insurance purposes also result in soft inquiries.

Thanks for asking.
 The “Ask Experian” team

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