College Budgeting: What to Know When You Move Out of Your Parents House

Heading off to campus? Prepare now to keep a realistic budget intact that won't have you frustrated before finals.

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How does student loan debt affect your ability to buy a home?

July 7, 2016

Student loans are just like any other installment loan. You need to pay them on time and continue to reduce the balances on them over time. Late payments on...

How can I get rid of hospital debt?

July 7, 2016

Medical collection accounts can be on your credit report for up to seven years from the date you became delinquent, just like any other collection account. The best thing...

How much does applying for multiple credit cards affect credit?

July 7, 2016

Applying for multiple credit cards in a short period of time can affect credit scores for several reasons. First, suddenly taking on a lot of potential new debt is...

Does using a certain amount of your credit limit a month build your credit faster?

July 7, 2016

You do not have to carry a balance to improve your credit scores or have good credit scores. Ideally, you should pay the balance in full each month. You...

The Future of Financial Literacy: Talking Money with Kids

July 6, 2016

Is it time to start having ‘the money chat’? See how you can educate the kids in your life about being money-smart.

How does cosigning affect your credit? Does it show as a debt?

July 5, 2016

When you co-sign for a loan, you are saying that if the person you are co-signing for doesn’t pay the debt, you will. That loan will appear on both...

Can you tell us about the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

July 5, 2016

The Fair Credit Reporting Act regulates the consumer reporting industry. Credit reporting companies are just one type of consumer reporting company regulated by the FCRA. However, the law is...

How would you get your credit score to improve?

July 5, 2016

There are two main things everyone must do in order to have good credit scores, regardless of the credit scoring model being used. The first is to pay all...

Is it illegal for a collection agency to change the amount owed?

July 5, 2016

The collection company can’t change the amount originally owed, but they can legally add additional interest or fees to that amount. Therefore, you may see a higher amount owed...

How long will a new car inquiry stay on my credit report?

July 5, 2016

All inquiries stay on your report for two years from the date of the inquiry. However, you can shop for the best rates and look for the best lending...

Audio: Solving Family Summer Budgets

July 1, 2016

Pack your summer full of adventure without breaking the bank, with helpful tips from Emma Johnson of

Civil Disunion: What to Know About Your Credit When Getting a Divorce

June 30, 2016

Do you know how divorce and credit are related? Discover a few of this writer’s top tips to keep a handle on your finances during divorce proceedings.