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Updating Credit Report to Show Bankruptcy is Discharged

April 25, 2012

Dear Experian, My bankruptcy was discharged one to two months following when it was filed. This would have been around September 2005. It still shows the bankruptcy is not discharged...

Inquiries can have small impact on credit scores

April 11, 2012

Dear Experian, I haven’t had negative activity on my credit report for over two years, and my score was recently 674. I applied for a credit card, and they did...

Paid Collection Account Not Deleted Immediately

April 11, 2012

Dear Experian, How do I get something I have paid removed from my credit report? I'm trying to get approved for an apartment and I need it taken off ASAP....

How Long Late Payments Stay on Credit Report

April 11, 2012

Dear Experian, How long does a negative payment status of "Paid, Past due 30 days" remain on my credit report? The item in question occurred in March 2006, while I...

Tax Liens Not Discharged Through Bankruptcy

March 28, 2012

Dear Experian, I filed bankruptcy in 2002 because of divorce. It was discharged with zero assets and zero liabilities. A 1996 Michigan state tax lien still remains on my credit...

Time is Necessary Before Credit Score Calculated

March 28, 2012

Dear Experian, My husband and I recently purchased a used car. He makes an annual income of $63,000 and I am a full-time, unemployed student. Because he had zero credit...

Bankruptcy Should Not Appear in Joint Account Holder’s Report

March 28, 2012

Dear Experian, If there are two people on a loan and one of them files a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, would it report on the other person's credit that the account...

Impact of Missed Payments and Mortgage Modification

March 28, 2012

Dear Experian, I'm considering entering into a six month reduced payment plan with my mortgage lender. I understand this will have a negative impact on my credit. Will this have...

Late Payments Not Deleted After Account Paid Off

March 14, 2012

Dear Experian, I have paid off an account that previously had a late payment mark on my record. Is there any possible way to remove the negative mark on my...

Compromise Sale of Home Will Hurt Credit

March 14, 2012

Dear Experian, I am active duty military and anticipating a permanent change of station this year. I am considering doing a VA compromise sale on my home in Tucson, as...

Renewing Pre-Approved Loan Could Cause Hard Inquiry

March 14, 2012

Dear Experian, I applied and was approved for an auto loan through my credit union, which I have numerous accounts with - mortgage, savings, money markets, and credit cards. Twice...

Reporting Accounts for Small Business

March 14, 2012

Dear Experian, How do I become a member to post debts? - DHR

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