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Landlords Can Report Unpaid Rent to Experian

Dear Experian,

Does a landlord have to have a judgment against a former tenant in order for the debt to be reported? Can a collection agency report a debt without obtaining a judgment?


Dear WLW,

A landlord does not need to have a judgment against a former tenant in order for a debt to be reported to the individual’s credit file.

The landlord may choose to sell the debt to a collection agency. If the collection agency reports to Experian, or any one of the credit reporting companies, the debt will then appear on one or more of individual’s credit reports.

If a civil lawsuit was filed against the former tenant, by either the landlord or the collection agency, the monetary judgment would appear on the report as well.

A civil judgment would be reported under public record information and would be a separate entry on the credit report.

Thanks for asking.
The “Ask Experian” team

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