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Is it better to pay the cards with the highest interest rate first or the most debt?

December 8, 2016

There is no “right” way to pay down your debt as long as you are making your payments on time. You should use whichever method works best for you...

How long does information stay on your credit score?

December 8, 2016

The length of time that information stays on your credit report depends on the type of information. Here’s a brief list of items and how long they will stay...

Can you talk about inquiries? What are inquiries?

December 8, 2016

An inquiry is simply a record that someone has looked at your credit report. There are two types of inquiries: soft and hard. Soft inquiries Soft inquiries are inquiries...

What’s the highest FICO score achievable?

November 10, 2016

The highest credit score depends on the scoring system the lender is using. There are many different credit scores with many different score ranges. FICO is perhaps the best...

Does an overdraft on my checking account affect my credit score?

November 10, 2016

Checking account overdrafts do not directly affect your credit scores. However, if the overdraft amount is sent to collections it could appear in your credit report and hurt your...

How do you get a free FICO score?

November 10, 2016

You can get a free FICO score from Experian by going to You will also get the risk factors that are affecting your score, which will help you...

As a young college student with no credit history, what would be the best way to start off?

November 1, 2016

Establishing credit for the first time, especially if you are under 21 years of age can be difficult. The Credit CARD Act effectively prohibits a person who is under...

What is a “charge off” account?

November 1, 2016

The term “charged off” means that the lender has given up on receiving payment on the account and has written it off as loss. They may then transfer or...

Would being an authorized user on a credit card help to raise my score?

November 1, 2016

An authorized user account can help build a credit score, although it won’t generally have as much impact as being a joint account holder or individual account holder. As...

Do negative items stay on your credit report after they were put in bankruptcy?

October 25, 2016

Items included in bankruptcy will remain on your credit report after you file, but will be updated to show they were included in the bankruptcy. When you file bankruptcy,...

If you are a minor, can you have a credit report and can it get frozen?

October 25, 2016

Experian does not intentionally maintain files on minors; however, it is possible for a minor to have a credit report. If a file does exist, it Experian will freeze...

Does buying a car help your credit positively or negatively?

October 25, 2016

It’s really up to you. Buying a car can help you build a positive credit history if you pay the debt on time and as agreed. Failing to pay...

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