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How is your credit score determined?

August 11, 2016

Scores are determined by five different categories of information in your credit report. Payment history is by far the most important factor of your credit report. It’s essential to...

How long can negative items stay on your credit report?

August 11, 2016

Here is a list of how long the most common items remain in a credit report: Late payments: 7 years from the original delinquency date Civil judgements: 7 years...

How can I repair my credit score?

August 11, 2016

You can’t repair a credit score. Credit scores represent the information in your credit report. In order to improve your credit scores you must rehabilitate your credit history, which...

When does the seven year period start, date opened or date paid?

August 11, 2016

Neither of those dates have any bearing on when information is deleted from your credit report. The seven year period actually starts on the original delinquency date of the...

How often should I check my credit score?

August 11, 2016

Check your credit report at least once a year, if not more often, as part of your normal financial management practices. You can get a free report and FICO...

Do apartments report your monthly payments to credit bureaus?

August 11, 2016

Landlords can report your monthly payments to credit bureau. Talk with your landlord and ask if they report your rent payments. If they are not already doing so, go...

Can I pay a lawyer to fix my credit?

August 4, 2016

If the information in your credit report is accurate and within the time frames to be reported, there is no one you can pay to get the negative information...

What is the difference between US credit reporting and UK credit reporting?

August 4, 2016

Experian is actually a British company and our global headquarters are in London, England. We have operations in almost 40 countries around the world. Our North American headquarters are...

If I settle a debt, do I request the creditor to remove the negative feedback from your credit report?

August 4, 2016

You can always ask a creditor to remove negative information from your credit report, but you will probably find they won’t do that. Under federal law, and their agreements...

How does credit work?

August 4, 2016

Credit is an agreement you have with a lender to obtain goods or services that you then pay for at a later date under agreed upon terms specified in...

Can you explain bankruptcy?

August 2, 2016

There are two types of bankruptcy that typically appear on a credit report – Chapter 13 and Chapter 7. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you repay a portion of the...

If I miss a payment, when will it be reported late on my credit report?

August 2, 2016

You must miss a full billing cycle before a payment is reported late on your credit report. That is usually about 30 days. Your credit report actually shows that...