If you’re finding yourself light on credit knowledge, browse our library of audio titles that can help you gain ground in no time, anytime. Listen to interviews with personal finance and credit experts, download on common credit questions and other quick bits of credit information, and learn more in-depth about evolving topics like identity theft and credit fraud.

Now Hear This: Credit Podcasts from Experian

Credit 101: For answers to some of the most common credit questions, join Credit 101 for a play-by-play answer in about a minute. There’s no reason credit needs to be a mystery: arm yourself with useful answers to build your credit confidence and help master your financial future.

Credit Report REPORT: An informative news report with a little bit of fun, the Credit Report REPORT brings you credit and finance straight from the latest headlines. You’ll also learn in just a few minutes what can impact your own credit and finances. As we say on the show, “Whenever credit makes the news, we’ll make it easy to follow.”

Credit Curious: Revealing the lighter side of credit, Credit Curious is a conversational, improvisational Q&A session running about 10-20 minutes. This series features guests from Experian as well as other subject matter experts in various areas that relate to credit and finance. We often include topical and timely survey results, interesting facts, quizzes, credit myths as well as answer real questions from consumers on social media and our members.

Experian Insider: Taking you inside the world of credit, Experian Insider provides in-depth interviews running 10-20 minutes with executives and thought-leaders from Experian and beyond. This series captures big ideas about timely credit topics, so you hear directly from those who know credit, identity protection, and finance. It’s “credit from the insight, out.”

Audio: Securing Your Credit with Experian CreditLock

March 24, 2017

Learn how Experian CreditLock can help bring you greater control and easier access from Director of Product Management Michelle Felice-Steele, and how we hope it can help.

Audio: Talking Couples and Money with Elle Martinez

February 6, 2017

Join our chat with Elle Martinez of Couple Money to learn more about how she recommends people start having a couples' money chat – and when.

Audio: Keeping Debt Down During the Holidays

December 16, 2016

With the bustle of the holidays, it’s too easy to lose track of your seasonal spending. How will you keep a handle on expenses this year?

Audio: What Happens if I Don’t Pay My Credit Card Bill?

December 16, 2016

It can be all too tempting to let a credit card payment slide during the busiest times of the year. Curious about what happens when you do?

Audio: Angels Pitchers Talk Financial Skills

September 21, 2016

Star baseball players have skills we see when we watch the big game at the ballpark. But they've also learned how to navigate their finances, too.

Audio: Removing Things from My Credit Report

September 14, 2016

Sometimes, life gets in the way of perfect. And that’s when information you don’t recognize can end up on your credit report. Learn what to do next.

Audio: Survey Results – College Students and Credit

September 1, 2016

Get the scoop on how recent college graduates grade their financial preparedness to enter the world - and how they rank their institutions.

Audio: Experian Etc. with Tonya Rapley

August 30, 2016

Hear what finance blogger Tonya Rapley prescribes to help reach your goals of financial freedom, no matter your current state.

Audio: Experian Etc. with Dorethia Kelly

August 30, 2016

Listen in with personal finance expert Dorethia Kelly as she shares some tips for getting your finances back on the right road.

Audio: Cosigning a College Loan

August 11, 2016

Know a student in need? Learn the facts of cosigning before you discuss options to help support to their educational dreams.

Audio: College Debt and Your Credit

August 5, 2016

College debt can be significant: discover how you can map a plan to always know where you stand.

Audio: Solving Family Summer Budgets

July 1, 2016

Pack your summer full of adventure without breaking the bank, with helpful tips from Emma Johnson of

Introducing Experian CreditLock

Learn how the flexibility to lock and unlock your credit - instantly - might be the thing your financial plan has been missing. Until now.