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Disputing an incorrect address on your report

Dear Experian,

There is an address on my credit report at which I never resided. How do I get that removed or corrected?


Accounts may be reported even without Social Security number

Dear Experian,

Can a credit agency post something on my credit report without my Social Security number?


What is a Credit Score?

What is a Credit Score? A credit score is a number calculated using information from your credit history. The payment history information comes from information reported to credit reporting agencies. Credit scores represent your creditworthiness and indicate the likelihood that you will repay a debt as agreed. They are widely used by lenders. If you have car […]

How can I correct errors on my credit report?

The first step in disputing something in your credit report is to get a copy of your report directly from Experian. ‣ How can I get my credit report? If your dispute is in relation to declined application for credit, the lender will provide instructions for getting a report from the credit reporting agency that provided the […]

How can I improve my credit?

Create a Positive Credit History Your credit report shows how well you managed your financial responsibilities during a certain time period. Negative information drops off over time, but the positive information remains. To establish a positive credit history and help improve credit scores: Consistently use your complete name. Providing complete, accurate and consistent identification on your credit […]

Judgment will still appear on report once satisfied

Dear Experian,

I had a judgment filed against me in June of 2010. When I found out, I contacted the bank and settled with them. Why does it still show a judgment on my credit report?


What it means when there are name and social security number variations

Dear Experian,

What do I do when two names and Social Security numbers are on one credit report?


What is a credit report?

A credit report (sometimes called a credit file, credit history or credit disclosure) contains a list of a consumer’s financial obligations and how those obligations have been handled.  It may also contain certain information from public records, as well as statements that the consumer has added. ‣ View a sample Experian Credit Report Credit reports […]

Delinquent account will still remain on report once settled

Dear Experian,

I recently paid a settlement on a delinquent account. I have the release letters and was told I can send them in directly in order to have the information removed from my credit report. Can you tell me how to do this?


Broken lease appears on tenant screening report

Dear Experian,

My daughter’s report is showing she had a broken lease in November 2013. However, she just moved out in July. How can she correct this?


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