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Requesting Corrected Credit Report be Sent to Creditors

May 21, 2014

Dear Experian, Whom do I contact to request a corrected credit report be sent out to creditors? I was an identity theft/fraud victim and there were fraudulent inquiries on my...

Closing Store Credit Cards Could Affect Your Credit Score

May 19, 2014

Dear Experian, Can closing a few of my department store credit card accounts affect my credit scores if I have established good credit and have high credit scores? My husband...

Getting Your Credit Scores Before Buying a Car

May 6, 2014

Dear Experian, I'm buying a car and would like to know my credit score. How can I obtain this before shopping? - NTS

Missed Payments and Authorized User’s Credit Score

May 5, 2014

Dear Experian, I am an authorized user on my mother’s account. Will it affect me if she misses payments? Will it hurt my credit? - SHN

Credit Card Balance Can Affect Credit Scores

May 2, 2014

Dear Experian, My credit score factors say “amount owed on revolving accounts is too high,” but I pay the balances off every month. I make more than $1 million per...

Removing Ex-Spouse’s Address from Credit Report after Divorce

Dear Experian, My credit report shows two addresses for my former husband, who moved to Virginia. I have lived in Illinois for 36 years. I was able to dispute one...

Effects of Missed Payments on Authorized User’s Credit

March 27, 2014

Dear Experian, I am an authorized user on my mother’s account. Will it affect me if she misses payments? Will it hurt my credit? - SHN

Student Loans and Your Credit Report

Dear Experian, My student loans are affecting my credit. Why? - NCB

How to Temporarily Lift a Security Freeze

March 13, 2014

Dear Experian, I need to lift the security freeze for 24 hours to buy a car. How do I do that? - PDT

Why Your Credit Score May Be Low

February 26, 2014

Dear Experian, I only have one debt which is less than $1,000. I also have two credit cards. Together they have a balance of about $2,000 each month, but I...

You Might Owe on Your Mortgage after Bankruptcy

Dear Experian, I want to know if I still owe my mortgage company after filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When I filed I was in foreclosure, and they said I owed...

Voluntary Surrender Could Harm Credit Scores

Dear Experian, I recently co-signed for someone, and our relationship ended. They gave me the truck back and said they no longer wanted it. I have a car payment myself,...

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