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Credit scores are not included in credit reports

Dear Experian,

I got my credit report, but where is my credit score? How do I get it?


Just Charge It: Why I No Longer Max Out My Credit Cards

Financial blogger Deacon Hayes shares how he reversed a spending mindset to conquer debt and boost credit confidence. When I was 18 years old, I decided to apply for a credit card so I could start building my credit. It’s a common story. I was surprised at how fast I got my first approval – it […]

Why Checking Your Credit Report Won’t Hurt Your FICO® Score

An Experian survey in 2013 found that 49 percent of Americans check their credit scores at least once a year. While it seems that many understand the importance of checking their credit report regularly, there’s still room for improvement for more than half of Americans. Wondering why it makes sense for you to consult your […]

What is Your State of Credit?

Experian’s fifth annual State of Credit highlights the U.S. cities with the highest and lowest credit scores, bankcard usage, average debt as well as other factors in more than 100 metropolitan areas across the country. To find out where your city ranks, click on a state, scroll over a city and view the information for […]

Infographic: How to Read an Experian Credit Report

For many, understanding how to read and digest the information a credit report contains is key to unlocking the mysteries that the world of credit holds. Maybe you’re already familiar with the different types of information that appear on your credit report from giving it a careful review periodically. But if you’re new to credit in […]

What to do when your credit report appears “mixed” with a family member’s

Dear Experian,

It appears that my credit report is being mixed with my cousin’s. I have requested a copy of the report by mail, but received a letter that the information I provided does not match the information on my credit file. How can I get this resolved?


How to report identity theft and a fraudulent tax return

Dear Experian,

Someone tried to file an income tax return using our names and Social Security numbers, so I need to report identity theft to Experian. How do I do this?


Credit report will not show whether an application is approved or declined

Dear Experian,

I have requested a credit line increase from my credit card company three times, and have been declined each time. Does this affect my credit history?


The effect of delinquencies when going through a short sale

Dear Experian,

Will it have more of an impact on my credit report if I stop making my mortgage payments and become 90 days or more delinquent during a short sale process? Or will it be the same because the bank will still report it as a settled debt in the end?


Infographic: What are the Different Scoring Ranges?

Knowledge – about your credit, about the impact it has on your future, about the world in general – is powerful. If you’re on the lookout to be better versed about your credit, consulting your FICO® Score could be a great place to start. A FICO Score is a powerful measure of your creditworthiness as a lender might see it. FICO Scores are […]