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Audio: What Should You Know About Chip-and-PIN?

You may have heard about big changes for payments cards coming later this year. Newly-issued cards will bear a visible microchip, which is an additional security measure that will correlate with new payment terminals at merchant locations, offering greater protection from fraudsters capturing magnetic stripe information from current cards. It all sounds good, but some […]

Budgeting as Newlyweds

Financial blogger Ash Cash offers a reminder of the support that setting a governing budget can lend to a budding relationship. My wife and I have been together for quite some time and we love each other dearly. But early on, our different saving and spending approaches nearly destroyed our relationship. It took some effort […]

Am I (Credit) Ready to Buy a House?

Financial blogger Ash Cash shares insights on how to give your home-buying plans a (credit) gut check. Potential first-time homeowners are often anxious about how their credit impacts their ability to qualify for a mortgage loan. The qualification process can be daunting when you’re unsure about your credit profile, and credit is just one of […]

‘Til Debt Do You Part: Avoiding Debt as Newlyweds

Once you’ve walked the aisle, how intertwined will you choose to make your finances? Financial blogger Ash Cash shares tips on bringing harmony to your new budget. Getting married is a major milestone. The words “I do” mark the beginning of a lifetime together. But you’re marrying into much more than the person; you’re also […]

Paid Collections Accounts and Your Credit Report

An account in collections on your credit report is never a good thing. If you’ve fallen behind in making your regular payments, it can be difficult to get back on your feet. Once you regain your financial footing and make payments again, you may think you’re on the road to having that account removed from […]

5 Helpful Security Tips for Mobile App Users

Financial blogger Ash Cash shares a few ways to ensure that scammers and fraudsters aren’t making off with the information you keep handy via smartphone. Millions around the world use mobile devices to watch movies, play games, get turn-by-turn directions, find news, read books, listen to music, bank online and much more. The portability of technology […]

5 Reasons Your Credit Scores May Have Dropped (And What That Can Mean)

Financial blogger Ash Cash shares why what you thought might raise your scores ended up lowering them – and what that means for your credit. After years of making timely payments, being disciplined when seeking new credit, and paying down your balances, why all of a sudden might you see your credit score drop by […]

Infographic: Identity Protection While Traveling (4 of 4)

Travel can be one of the most rewarding parts of life, and it’s no wonder that longer summer days make for some of the year’s busiest recreational travel months. A change in scenery can be refreshing, uplifting and energizing – if you’re not worrying about new vulnerabilities that your information might be subject to along […]

Infographic: Identity Protection on Mobile Devices (3 of 4)

Though it’s hardly something the founding fathers might have imagined, living in the digital age means much of our information is stored, viewed and sent on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This doesn’t have to present a problem when you’re vigilant about keeping your security protocols current, but it’s all too easy to […]

Infographic: Identity Protection at Work (2 of 4)

When you’re at work, your information isn’t in its natural habitat. With as much time as you might spend in the office, it can easily feel like a second home. But be wary of relying upon office resources for your personal use, since they might be storing your information in servers. Additionally, make sure the […]