Original delinquency date determines when repossession and collection account will be deleted


Dear Experian,

I had a repossession in July 2006, but on my credit report it states date reported January 2013. A collection agency owns the account now. When will it be removed from my history? Is it based on the date of initial delinquency or the date reported?

-   TMF


Dear TMF,

The original delinquency date is the date the account first became delinquent and was not brought current. This date is used to determine when the late payment information is deleted from your credit report. Collection agencies are required by federal law to report the original delinquency date from the original debt, so all accounts associated with that debt will be deleted based on the same date.

The creditor may still periodically update the account on your credit report as long as they own it, which will result in a more recent date reported. However, the date reported does not effect when the account will be removed from your report.

The account entry may show the most recent reporting date, but it also should indicate when either the account or the delinquency will be deleted. On our consumer reports, Experian shows you the date that will cause a missed payment to be deleted from an account history or that the entire account will be deleted.

That is why we encourage consumers to get a copy of their report directly from Experian. We provide additional information on your personal report, such as the original delinquency date, that will help you better understand your credit history.

Thanks for asking.

Maxine Sweet
Vice President, Public Education

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