Requesting corrected report be sent to creditors



Dear Experian,

Whom do I contact to request a corrected credit report be sent out to creditors? I was an identity theft/fraud victim and there were fraudulent inquiries on my report which have been removed.

-        TNT

Dear TNT,

If you have applied for credit within the last six months (the past 12 months for residents of Colorado, Maryland or New York), you can request that an updated copy of the report be sent to those creditors. You can also request that Experian send an updated copy to any employer who has requested your report within the last two years.

In order to make your request, call the toll-free telephone number included with your personal credit report, or mail your request to the address listed on your personal report. Please be specific with regard to which creditors you are requesting updates be sent.

Thanks for asking.

Maxine Sweet
Vice President, Public Education