Experian will removed delinquent authorized user accounts on request



Dear Experian,

I am listed as an authorized user on two of my husband’s accounts, one of which was charged off, and the other is in collections. They are showing up on my credit report and negatively impacting me. How can I get these off my credit report?



Dear SHR,

If you haven’t already, obtain a copy of your personal credit report directly from Experian to verify the accounts are in fact being reported as authorized user accounts.

Because you share the accounts with your husband, you may actually be a joint account holder rather than an authorized user. Your account association is shown along with the account, so you should be able to see how you are associated with the account right away.

Because an authorized user has no responsibility for repayment of the debt Experian will remove authorized user accounts with negative payment history upon request. Simply follow the dispute instructions provided with your credit report to request that the accounts be removed.

Learn more about how to submit a dispute at We also recommend that you contact the lenders directly to be removed on their records.

Joint account holders share equal responsibility for repaying the debt. For that reason, lenders may be reluctant to remove you as a responsible party if there is a balance owing on the accounts. If the lenders agree to change the contracts, removing you as a responsible party and no longer reporting the account in your name, then the accounts will automatically be deleted from your credit history.

Thanks for asking.

The “Ask Experian” team

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