Student loans may appear in credit report while in deferment

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Dear Experian,

How long does it take after student loans are out of deferment for them to show up on a credit report?



Dear LSM,

Because it is a debt you are obligated to repay, your student loans may show up on your report even before they are out of deferment and in repayment status. When you accept a student loan, you are opening an account with the lender, and they may begin reporting the account at any time. The account entry will show whether it is deferred or in repayment.

Although you may be making only one payment, student loans are often listed as a separate account for each enrollment period or semester that you attended school. Therefore, you may see multiple accounts listed for those individual loan amounts.

Student loans also are often transferred and purchased by new lenders. If that happens, the old loans will still appear on your report, but they will show as transferred, which means they are closed with a zero balance. The new lender can then report the open accounts separately.

Once the loan is in repayment status, it is very important to make every payment on time. If you think you will have trouble making a payment, contact your lender immediately to give them an opportunity to work with you to protect your credit history.

A number of alternatives may be available to assist you with repayment during a difficult financial period. Student loan consolidation may result in lower monthly payments, although it typically increases the repayment period. Additional deferment time or hardship assistance might also be possible.

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