How disputed information is updated with other credit reporting agencies

Dear Experian,

If one credit agency deletes a record because my dispute was favorable; how does that get reported to the other agencies, or does it? Do I send a copy of the result of investigation to the others so they can remove the unfavorable item?



Dear KVI,

When information is changed as a result of a dispute, the business reporting the information is responsible for updating it with every consumer reporting agency to which it reported the information.

Results of disputes are not shared by Experian with the other national credit reporting companies, nor do they share dispute results with Experian for a simple reason: only the business knows which of the consumer reporting agencies have received the disputed information.

In some instances a business may not have reported the account to one or both of the other national credit reporting agencies. The business may also have reported the disputed information to other consumer reporting agencies, such as a debit bureau.

The only way to ensure the information is corrected by every consumer reporting agency that received it is for the business to notify them directly. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires exactly that.

However, there are some disputes which Experian can process without receiving verification from the creditor. In those cases, the update would occur only on the Experian system.

If there is any concern that your updates would not have been processed and reported by the creditor, I recommend that you obtain credit reports from each of the other national credit reporting companies a few days after a dispute is completed to verify that it also has been updated on other systems where it is reported.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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