How to notify Experian that an individual has died



Dear Experian,

Where can I fax a death certificate so the individual’s report can be flagged appropriately?



Dear TBW,

When an individual dies, Experian typically receives updates from the individual’s creditors after they have been notified so that a deceased indicator can be added to the status of the account. Additionally, if the Social Security Administration has been notified of the death, it reports the person’s Social Security number as belonging to a deceased individual. The entire credit report is then “flagged” as belonging to a person who has died.

If you are the executor of the estate or the deceased’s spouse you may provide Experian with a copy of the death certificate by mailing it to Experian, P.O. Box 4500, Allen, TX 75013. If you are the executor of the estate you will need to provide legal documentation verifying that fact.

Experian will update the deceased’s records upon receiving the death certificate and valid documentation that the person requesting the update has legal authority to do so.

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