Authorized user accounts could factor in to credit scores

Dear Experian,

Do items on my credit report in which I am listed as an “authorized user” contribute to my score?



Dear DRH,

Any account that is listed on your credit report could factor in to your credit scores. While most scoring systems incorporate authorized user accounts into the calculation some may not weight them as strongly because the authorized user has no responsibility for repayment of the debt.

However, an authorized user account can be a great first step in establishing a credit report if you can be added to an account that is always paid as agreed.

Since you are not responsible for payments on the account as an authorized user, you can request the account be removed from your report if there is negative information in the payment history, such as late payments. You lose the history, but you avoid having a negative credit reference. That makes becoming an authorized user a fairly risk free way to establish a credit a credit history and begin building a positive payment record.

Thanks for asking.

The “Ask Experian” team

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