Resolving disputes with credit bureaus when you disagree with results


Dear Experian,

I disputed items on my credit report and they were deleted by the other credit reporting companies, but not Experian. The results say it was considered verified. How is it possible that there are different results? I know that these are errors. What steps should be taken?



Dear MSA,

When you dispute information on your credit report, Experian contacts the company that reported the information and notifies them of your dispute. The source of the information, usually a lender, must then review its records and notify Experian to update the information, delete the information or verify that it is accurate as reported.

If the results state the information was verified, that means that the creditor did not agree that the information was in error.

Experian does not have access to the results of your disputes with the other two credit reporting agencies, so we have no way of knowing what transpired. It is possible that they did not receive responses within the specified time frame, and as a result deleted the information.

If you feel the items are in error, contact the creditors directly to find out why they did not agree to remove them from your report. If you have supporting documentation showing that the items should be deleted, you can send copies directly to the mailing address provided with your Experian credit report.

If your creditors agree that the items should be deleted once you speak with them, they can contact us directly to request that the information be removed from your report.

Thanks for asking.

The “Ask Experian” team

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