Ordering your own credit report won’t hurt your credit scores


Dear Experian,

Is there any way I can check my credit score without it hurting my score? How much does it hurt me to order my credit score?



Dear KWS,

Order your own credit report and credit score as many times as you like. It will not hurt your credit history, your credit scores or have any effect on lending decisions.

There are two types of inquiries on your credit report: requests viewed by others, and requests viewed only by you.

When you request your own credit report and/or credit score, the inquiry is listed under “requests viewed only by you.” They are not included in the data provided to creditors so they cannot be scored. These inquiries are only seen by you. For that reason they are often called “soft” inquiries.

When you apply for credit and a lender pulls your credit report and/or requests a score, it results in an inquiry that can be seen by your creditors and any other lenders who may check your report. If your report is scored, the inquiry could have a minor, short-term impact. Because inquiries resulting from your application for credit can be viewed by others, they are often referred to as “hard” inquiries.

Thanks for asking.

The “Ask Experian” team

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