Lifting a credit freeze to apply for credit


Dear Experian,

I do not want to lift my security freeze but want to apply for a new credit card. Is that possible to do without lifting the freeze?



Dear HPD,

The purpose of freezing your credit file is to prevent access to your credit report by lenders if someone is trying to use your identity to apply for credit. However, there are a couple of options for lifting the credit freeze so that you can apply for credit with minimal risk.

First, you can request that the freeze be temporarily lifted. You can specify the time frame such as a day or week, for the freeze to remain lifted to allow for the application process to be completed. This also allows you to apply with multiple lenders if seeking the best loan or account terms. The freeze will be restored automatically at the end of the time frame you specify.

Another option is to request a single use PIN that you can give only to the creditor with which you are applying for the card. Doing so allows the lender to obtain your credit report one time while still leaving your credit report frozen to all other lenders.

To find out more about your state’s freeze laws, you can visit: https://www.experian.com/consumer/security_freeze.html.

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