Debt can still be collected after it is removed from the credit report

Dear Experian,

Once an item is removed from the report after having been reported for 7-10 years, can the creditor still try to collect the debt? Can the account still collect interest?



Dear LGD,

Yes, creditors can continue to attempt to collect a debt you owe after it has been removed from your credit report, and it can still continue to accrue interest and fees.

Whether or not an item appears on your credit report has no bearing on the fact that you owe the debt and that the lender or a collection agency can contact you regarding payment.

The length of time that a debt can be collected varies by state law and the type of debt. For information about the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), visit the Federal Trade Commission’s web site. For details about your state’s laws contact your attorney general’s office. For contact information visit the web site National Association of Attorneys General.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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