What to do if Social Security number variations appear on your report

Dear Experian,

My credit report has two Social Security numbers on it. One is mine, the other I have never seen. What do I do?



Dear KAJ,

Experian lists every Social Security number reported as belonging to you by your creditors. By doing so, you may be alerted to credit fraud and will be able to take appropriate action.

The listing of Social Security number variations provides an accurate representation of the information reported to Experian and is not an error, although it is often misrepresented as a mistake.

Variations usually are not cause for concern. When a variation is reported, it is most often the result of the source of the information transposing or mis-entering digits. That is usually easy to recognize.

You should be able to contact the source of the information and have them correct their records. On our consumer reports, Experian identifies the source of the identifying information so that you will know which of your accounts is associated with each variation.

Numbers that are completely unrecognized may be indicators of fraud or identify theft, especially if there are other indicators in your credit history such as accounts that aren’t yours.

If you need additional assistance or have any questions about variations in your identity that you can’t resolve, you can contact our consumer assistance representatives at the phone number provided on the report you received from Experian.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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