Credit history will not move with you to Canada

Dear Experian,

I am planning to move to Canada. Can I use my credit history from the U.S. to rent an apartment in Canada?



Dear ALV,

Your credit history doesn’t transfer with you across national boundaries, so you won’t be able to obtain a credit report from a Canadian credit reporting company for use in obtaining rental housing.

Each nation has its own credit reporting system, or in some instance, none at all. Because of differences in laws, processes, contracts, consumer assistance, and even the information included in the credit reports, credit history information isn’t shared across international boundaries.

Get copies of your credit reports from each of the national credit reporting companies and make them part of a file of your personal financial records. Rental property managers and others may take them under consideration when reviewing your application.

Once you are relocated, you will need to actively pursue building a credit history with creditors who report to Canadian credit reporting companies.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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