Eviction will remain on your report after paying collection or judgment

Dear Experian,

I have an eviction on my credit that I’m about to pay. What will it say on my credit report? When I go get another apartment will that appear?



Dear AYV,

Your credit report may include a collection account for unpaid rent or lease payments, or possibly a civil judgment if you were sued for breaking the lease.

Once paid, a collection account would be updated to show a status of “Paid.” A civil judgment also would show that it was “paid,” and possibly that it was “released.”

If the apartment manager reviews your credit report it will see a collection account or civil judgment shown on your credit report. A paid status is important because it will show that you did pay the full lease amount.

Even if there is no record of the eviction on your credit report, it still could appear in other consumer reports or background checks conducted by the apartment manager. So, it is likely the eviction will have some impact the next time you look for an apartment, even if it isn’t in your credit report.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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