Marriage will not affect your credit monitoring service

Dear Experian,

If I get credit monitoring for myself for all three credit bureaus, how is that impacted if I am married?



Dear YSK,

Your credit monitoring service will not be affected by marriage.

Every credit active individual has their own credit report. Even when married your credit history and your wife’s will remain separate.

For an account to be included on a person’s report, that individual must be a party to the account. So, new accounts that you open jointly and any existing accounts you make joint by adding the other party will appear on both reports because they will be reported for each person named on the account. Existing accounts will be changed from individual to joint to reflect the new status.

Because your reports are not joined in any way, your wife’s credit report will not be included in your credit monitoring service. She will need to subscribe to her own service in order to have her credit history monitored.

Some services monitor your report and enable you to add a spouse or other family members to the service as well. You might consider Experian’s FamilySecure.com if you would like to have a single service that monitors both of your credit reports.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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