Data Privacy Day – tips to help you be a safer, smarter user of new technology

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Data Privacy Day is Jan. 28, 2011. Here are some tips from Experian and ProtectMyID™ to help you become a safer, smarter user of new technology.

Keeping your personal information safe when using a smartphone is critical:

·         Do not voluntarily post your whereabouts on Websites such as Twitter and Facebook without using privacy settings to limit who can view the information

·         Do not allow friends to track you through Websites such as Google Latitude

·         Do not opt in for location-based advertising

Meanwhile, be sure to:

·         Turn off location sharing capabilities on social networking sites

·         Look into disabling “geotags,” which embed location information in photos taken on your smartphone

·         Go to the iPhone® App Store or Android Market™ and download the ProtectMyID App to stay up to date about changes to your identity on the go (app available to ProtectMyID members)

In addition to mobile communications, topics that will be addressed during Data Privacy Day on experian.com and the ProtectMyID blog include:

Health privacy — the confidentiality and security of our personal health information in a time when records are increasingly digitized and shared by providers

Social networking sites — how to enjoy the social networking experience while protecting your personal information online

Be sure to look for Data Privacy Day information from Experian on Facebook and Twitter, or follow ProtectMyID’s Tweets. You also can follow news and updates on the Data Privacy Day 2011 Group page.

For information about other topics such as credit cards, credit reporting, credit scoring, and fraud and identity theft, visit Experian’s online credit education information.

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