Personal report lists who has requested your credit report for two years

Dear Experian,

I need to know who has inquired on my credit report. I have a copy of my credit report from a lender who denied me credit and it only shows the number of credit report inquiries. I want to know who has inquired and the dates they inquired.



Dear DMO,

You have hit on one of the foremost reasons we ask that you get your report directly from Experian rather than from a lender.

Reports provided to lenders are formatted to meet their specifications, may be heavily coded for computerized review, and do not include all of the information you receive in a personal credit report, including a full listing of inquiries.

Your personal credit report includes a complete record of who has accessed your report and lists them as two types of inquiries.

The first are those resulting from your application for credit. These inquiries are shared by lenders because they represent potential new debt that doesn’t yet appear in your credit report as an account entry.

The second type of inquiry are those that are not the result of your application for credit. They include inquiries for preapproved credit offers, employment purposes, insurance purposes, account reviews by your current lenders, and requests by you for your own report. These inquires are shown only to you and have no impact on lending decisions.

Please follow the lender’s instructions for how to contact the credit reporting company it used so that you can receive a copy of your personal report at no charge.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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