Never send debt payments to credit reporting companies

Dear Experian,

How and where can I repay or pay on a debt that’s on my credit report?



Dear TCP,

Never send a payment on a debt to Experian or any other credit reporting company. Your payments must be sent to the legal debt owner.

For example, if the debt has been sold or transferred to a collection agency, your payment should be paid to that collection agency.

You can find out who owns the debt by looking at your credit report. It will list the history of the debt, beginning with the original account holder.

Your credit report may also indicate “sold to” or “transferred to” along with the name of the new account holder. The new account holder will then also show “purchased from” or “transferred from” and the name of the previous account holder.

You should be able to easily trace the history of the account and identify the current account holder. When possible, Experian also includes contact information for the account holder so that you can call or write for information about where to send your payment.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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