Preventing stolen checks from impacting your credit report

Dear Experian,

About a year ago my checkbook was stolen. Whomever it was stolen by has continuously written bad checks in many places. I filed a police report and closed my bank account one week after I discovered my missing checkbook. I was honestly unaware that this would affect my credit report. How do I get all this fixed?



Dear CKE,

Bounced checks are not typically reported to credit reporting companies. Instead they are reported to debit reporting companies that collect information on bank accounts. The bank may eventually turn the bad check amount over to a collection agency. At that point it becomes an unpaid debt and may appear on your credit report if the ID information links it to you.

It sounds as if the fraudulent checks were somehow not cleared from your bank’s systems and were eventually reported as amounts you owed. You should contact Experian and have a victim statement added to your credit report. You will need to provide your police report number to do so. You can find instructions in Experian’s online fraud center.

Once you have added the victim statement Experian can begin helping you remove the fraudulent information from your credit report.

You should also contact your bank to ensure the account has been closed properly and no further information is being reported to either debit or credit reporting companies with your identification associated with it.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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