No special instructions are needed for reading your credit report

Dear Experian,

Do you have online booklets explaining how you can read a credit report?



Dear STC,

Reading your personal credit report doesn’t require any special training or educational publications. If you can read a newspaper, you can read your credit report.

Experian’s consumer credit report is purposely designed for anyone to be able to read and understand. It is produced in plain, simple English with clearly defined sections. There is no coding or confusing abbreviation.

You can get a free personal report once every 12 months at If you have been declined credit or have had other adverse action taken, you can get a free report by following the instructions provided by your lender.

Unlimited access to your report is also available through subscription-based credit monitoring services such as Experian’s TripleAdvantage. When you subscribe, you receive unlimited access to your Experian credit report and credit scores. You also received notices when any new information is added to your report and special tools to help you better manage your credit.

sample copy of Experian’s personal credit report is available on ourWeb site. It includes numbered explanations of each section to help you understand what you will see when you get your own report.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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