Who can add an Active Duty Alert and when it makes sense to do so

Dear Experian,

What is an “Active Duty Alert?” Are there pros and cons to placing my account on this status?



Dear AEB,

An Active Duty Alert is a special alert that can be added to the credit reports of members of the armed forces when they are deployed. The alert remains on the credit report for one year.

The Active Duty Alert tells lenders that the individual is currently deployed on active duty and that they should verify the identity of the person applying for credit before approving the application.

The alert provides additional protection against fraud while a serviceman or servicewoman is deployed overseas or away from home.

An alert of this type could delay processing of a credit application while the lender verify’s your identity. It should not prevent you from getting credit. It also may prevent you from receiving preapproved offers of credit.

If you are deployed on active duty with the armed forces and are concerned about fraud, an Active Duty Alert may be worthwhile despite the few potential delays you might face in obtaining credit.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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