What to do if you accidentally dispute an account entry

Dear Experian,

How can you fix something on your report you accidentally disputed but didn’t mean to?



Dear QFT,

An inadvertent dispute likely will result in no change to the information in your report.

Once a dispute is entered, it will be processed automatically. If the information is found to be incorrect, it will be updated by the source of the information, or will be deleted from your credit report.

You shouldn’t have to worry about accidentally disputing something in your report because the dispute will have no direct impact on credit scores or lenders’ decisions, and once the dispute process is complete there will be no record of it in your report.

The only thing that could happen is that the account information could be updated because it was not being reported accurately, and that’s exactly what you should want to happen.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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