Getting a business credit report

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How do I get a credit report for a business?



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Getting a business credit report is a great way to verify that a contractor or business you plan to work with doesn’t have issues that could cause you to reconsider. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, have vinyl siding installed, put up a fence or have your car repaired, a business credit report can help you be certain you have chosen the right contractor or service provider.

A business credit report is similar to an individual’s credit report, but all of the information pertains to the business. In a business credit report you will find information about the business’s debts, court judgments, tax liens, and bankruptcy.

The report also will provide banking, insurance and leasing information, corporate registration details and other corporate financial information. A business credit report provides important details such as the date of incorporation, number of employees, names and titles of key personnel, number of years they have been in business and other demographic data.

You can purchase various levels of a business credit report from Experian, with each level including more information. BizVerify, Experian’s most basic business report costs just $8.95. It may be all you need to verify fundamental details about the business. Our fully featured service, Business Credit Advantage, is $99 or $14.99 a month and provides unlimited access to a company’s complete business credit report.

Our business credit report checklist can help you select the right report for your needs.

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