Opting out of preapproved offers does not help credit scores

Dear Experian,

Does opting out of preapproved mail offers raise my credit score?



Dear RTU,

Opting out of preapproved credit offers does not raise your credit scores, nor does receiving offers hurt your credit scores.

If your credit history is accessed in order to determine that you are qualified to receive the offer, an inquiry will be added to your credit report. However, that inquiry only appears on your personal credit report.

Since the inquiry is not shown to anyone else, it does not affect credit scores positively or negatively.

If you do not want to receive preapproved credit offers you can opt out. However, give careful consideration before doing so. Opting out removes you from the credit marketplace.

While you might not be looking for new credit at the moment, you could in the future. Preapproved offers provide opportunity and choice you could find beneficial the next time you need credit.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team