Credit history no longer exists

Dear Experian,

I have been living debt free for over 10 years. I had credit at one time and have never had any problems with late or missed payments. I have always had a good job. It seems that my name and existence has been deleted from the credit reporting system. Is there a way for me to at least put the fact that I exist back into the system before making an application for credit?



Dear CRZ,

In fact, you probably do not exist in the credit reporting systems. You only have a credit report if you have and use credit.

Closed accounts with no negative history are deleted 10 years from the date they are closed. You indicate you always paid your bills on time, so assuming you closed all of your accounts, after 10 years you would no longer have a credit history because all of the account information would have been deleted.

Because work history isn’t reported regularly, it would not cause your credit history to be maintained.

That is why we advise you to always keep at least one credit account, periodically use it to make purchases and then pay it in full each month. Doing so will maintain your credit history without taking on debt. As you’ve found, you can live without credit, but at some point, a positive credit history is valuable financial tool.

The only way to reestablish a credit history is to open a new credit account. That means you will need to apply for credit to reestablish a credit history. Because you have no existing credit history, you might need a cosigner or to deposit secured savings in order to qualify for a new account. Your personal bank might open an account for you and report the account to help you reestablish a credit history.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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