April is Financial Literacy Month

Dear Readers,

April is Financial Literacy Month. Experian believes that knowledge is the key to unlocking financial success and is proud to be an active supporter of many financial literacy programs across the country.

Experian will be taking part in the annual partner meeting of the JumpStart Coalition for Financial Literacy. The organization works with state school boards and legislatures to encourage inclusion of financial literacy elements in public school curricula.

At the end of the month, we will be taking part in the LifeSmarts Consumer Knowledge Competition. LifeSmarts is a consumer knowledge competition for high-school aged students, emphasizing financial literacy.

The America Saves program promotes good savings habits and is conducting programs at various locations around the country. What few people realize is that good savings habits are essential to having good credit. By putting aside savings, you will be able to weather economic challenges and continue to make on-time credit payments until things turn around.

There are many programs taking place throughout the month hosted by Experian’s business clients, including some of the nation’s most recognized lenders and financial services providers, as well as by local banks and credit unions.

We encourage you to watch for programs in your area that can help you and your children become more financially savvy.

Thanks for reading.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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