Taking your wife’s name after marriage

Dear Experian,

I just recently married, and I am taking my wife’s last name. Is there a form I need to keep my current credit?



Dear NDY,

I admire people who challenge convention. As you know, the bride traditionally takes the groom’s name, and so it is her credit report that is usually the one that is affected. But, the process for updating your report is the same and you don’t need to send any forms.

A new credit report is not created using your new name. Instead, your new name will be added to your existing credit report. The process is essentially automatic.

You simply notify your existing creditors of the name change. They will update their records and report the new information to Experian, resulting in your new name becoming part of your credit report.

Another way your name is updated is when you open new credit accounts. The lender will report the account to Experian and your credit report will then be updated to include your new name.

Your previous name will continue to appear in your identification section as long as it is associated with previously held accounts. That is important to ensure that your credit history is complete and accurate.

Congratulations and thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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