New married name will be added automatically to your credit report

Dear Experian,

I married recently, but my credit report is still in my former name. How do I have this information changed and my new name put on my report?



Dear YDS,

Your credit report will be updated automatically as you notify your existing creditors of your new name, are added to your husband’s accounts as a joint holder, or open new accounts. The creditors will update the information in their files and subsequently report the updated name to Experian.

It might take a few weeks, or even months, for your new name to appear on your report, depending on how soon the lenders receive your new name and update their accounts.

In the meantime, you need not be concerned. Experian matches to all of your identifying information when a report is requested, not just your name, so lenders will still be able to access your report when you apply for credit or other services.

Because Experian lists all names associated with your credit history, your previous name will continue to be listed after your new name is reported. However, your new name will become the primary name.

Thanks for asking and congratulations and best wishes for many years of happiness!

- The “Ask Experian” team

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